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Interactive art workshops for kids inspired by nature, wildlife, science, and recycling.



Teaching Artist: Mohamed Jallo
Description: Kids will sculpt birds out of clay.


Teaching Artist: Rhiannon Reese
Description: Kids will collaborate on a mural to recreate 4 Alabama habitats – beach, forest, swamp, grassland – and through text and font, highlight the birds that use and thrive in these environments.

The Garden of Wonderful Things

Teaching Artist: Dom Bowman
Description: Kids will create everything from flowers to bees to mermaids using pipe cleaners, styrofoam balls, markers, and lots of imagination to create sculptures for a Festival Garden.

Flower Power

Teaching Artist: Kinch Raby
Description: Kids will work individually to create their flower and foliage pieces, then collectively attach them onto a massive flower bouquet sculpture based on the work of contemporary artists utilizing flowers as a motif or medium.

Recycled Phoenix

Teaching Artist: Kinch Raby
Description: Kids will create individual and collaborative phoenixes with cereal box bodies and recycled scrap paper wings.

Shoe Form Birds

Teaching Artist: Jeremiah Ritchie
Description: Discarded shoe forms from Tack Shak in Homewood will be recycled and reimagined into unique bird creations and decoy ducks.

Moss Rock Festival

November 2-3, 2024