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A Classroom Project for Creative Recycling Nature + Art

This sculpture project is an engaging, interactive learning project developed to inspire creativity and expand young peoples’ awareness of science, nature, environment and material usage. Each year we explore a new theme through which students use their research to build a collaborative sculpture. 

2022 Participating Schools:
  • Brock’s Gap Intermediate School
  • Hoover High School
  • R.F. Bumpus Middle School

This year we delve into the role Alabama native plants and environment play in the migration cycle of eastern monarchs with the theme:


Upcycle an old chair into a lush monarch butterfly environment. Include as many elements as desired: butterflies, caterpillars, chrysalli along with host and nectar plants and/or roosting tree foliage.


Any type of chair your class can attach crafted monarch and plant elements to. Preferably an adult sized chair. It is not meant to be sat on, rather it will become the sculpture itself. Note: If the chair does not have a surface conducive for attaching items and you’d rather not use glue, the problem can be solved by adding chicken wire, garden mesh, burlap or another similar type substrate.


Paper bags, plastic bags, magazines, envelopes, coffee filters, tissue paper, plastic table cloths, fabric, bubble wrap, felt, sponges, cotton balls, push pins, clothes pins, pipe cleaners, yarn, plastic bottles, bottle caps, etc.


Wire, string, yarn, rope, zip ties, twist ties, bobby pins, magnets, glue, tape, velcro, etc.

Read the full project challenge here. It contains more information about the Monarch butterfly, its the migration patterns, host and nectar plants native to Alabama, roosting and overwintering, as well as examples of art that has featured the Monarch.

Inspirational Images:

Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023