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Presented by:
Realty South

Participating Schools:

  • Bluff Park Elementary
  • Brocks Gap Intermediate
  • Deer Valley Elementary
  • Gwin Elementary Enrichment
  • Hueytown High School
  • Shades Mountain

This interactive learning project is developed to diversify teaching methods, strike the classroom with creativity and expand on students’ awareness for science, art, the environment, and material usage. These projects explore a new theme each year.  Students use their research to build a collaborative model, or sculpture. 

This year we delve into the vast species of FLORA.


Sculpture CHallenge

The objective of this year’s Planet Project Sculpture Challenge begins with the consideration of Native Flora of the Southeast and developing an understanding of physical characteristics, species diversity and the ecosystems they inhabit. Students will learn about the types of ecosystems in the Southeast which include Terrestrial ecosystems (Forests and Mountains) and Aquatic ecosystems (Freshwater and Marine).  Plant structure will be examined to determine characteristics, geographical habitat, influences on diminishing populations and the different jobs that each plant performs for their relative ecosystem. Students will learn about and be amazed by Native Flora, their diversity of form and function as well as variety and vibrancy of color. Subsequently, classes will work together to design a sculpture for Moss Rock Festival based on a native plant or a group of native plants that grow in close proximity to each other.  During this research, keep in mind the relationship of the plant to its specific ecosystem, to help your class in brainstorming and planning the creation of your plant installation. This project is to encourage the understanding and enjoyment of the individuality of each native plant species and how to identify it in the local landscape.

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Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023