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Smart Living
Birmingham, AL

Ivy Brook Apiary is run by three good friends with a passion for honeybees and organic living. We keep 20-30 hives and strive to maintain healthy and natural methods. We maintain our bee yards with environmentally thoughtful and chemical-free methods. We plant bee-friendly plants and enjoy watching where the bees will forage each season (this pattern differs every year!).

Honeybees travel within a three-mile radius in pursuit of fresh nectar and pollen. This means our honey contains a bountiful mix of local pollens and nectars gathered from the woods and meadows of Ruffner Mountain, Irondale, Crestline, Mountain Brook, Liberty Park and the beautiful Cahaba River basin. This ecosystem mirrors our entire Birmingham/Red Mountain region. Therefore, the beneficial actions of Ivy Brook honey concerning seasonal allergies extends to the entire metro-suburban Birmingham area.

Our honey won top honors and Best in Show at the 2014 Alabama State Fair for its clarity, presentation and flavor. While we harvest a good amount of honey each spring, we leave plenty behind to sustain the bees during winter hibernation. We participate in the local beekeeper’s club as well as state meetings to stay up to date on honeybee health and beekeeping best practices. Most of all, beekeeping is a delightful and always engaging hobby. We never cease to marvel at, and respect, these extraordinary community pollinators.