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W. Calvin Ross
Helena, AL
IG: @WCalvinRoss

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With an intuitive, mercurial nature and an analytical mind, forests of emotion and intuition grow into the hills of my desire for understanding and self-awareness. Whether it’s in ink, acrylic, or print, I strive to capture the rawest essence of my subjects with accurate physical likenesses and the purest emotional impressions. In technique, I believe immediacy of execution allows whatever medium I’m using to speak for itself. The perfectionist and idealist in me finds that each piece is about both pushing for precision and learning when to let go. In the end, I work to present finished pieces that are whimsical and thoughtful with the hope that what I create inspires an emotional connection to the piece itself, the perceived reality of the original subject, and the viewer’s own inner world.

When I’m not creating, lead a biweekly theology group in my home (Not Your Momma‚Äôs Bible Study), co-lead my church’s visual arts ministry, passively garden and birdwatch, and scour the internet for inspiration, new information, and funny videos. I love the music of mewithoutYou, the art of Vincent Van Gogh, the prose of Ernest Hemingway, the beauty of the Psalms and the Synoptic Gospels, the dark complexity of coffee and wine, and all the greatness of cats. But there’s really nothing better than sharing meals and drinks with my wife, daughter, and friends.

2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023