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+Design | 2D Mixed Media

Oleg Skuja | Booth 534
2D Mixed Media | +Design
Estonia |Birmingham, AL
IG: truthpatterns

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Truth Patterns was founded by Oleg Skuja in 2016 after his travels in Southeast Asia, Central and South America. In the beginning it was more of an attempt to meditate through drawing and coloring simple patterns and tiny mandalas. Oleg found many lessons hidden in his own work including peace and contentment; it became a passion. A lot of the work reflects inner and outer journeys of the author including some encounters with plant medicines. Through meditation a certain energetic value is channeled and projected on the paper. Some of the patterns are inspired by our outside world. Oleg is using regular pencil, ruler and compass to sketch the beginning piece and create the structure and shape of the painting. Then, watercolors and acrylics are used for coloring and shading. Every detail in Oleg’s paintings is done by hand.
Truth Patterns are now printed and sold on stickers, fine art cotton paper, t-shirts, tote bags, hoodies etc. The main focus of Truth Pattern’s merchandise is quality and sustainability.

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