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2D Mixed Media

Tracie Noles-Ross
2-D Mixed Media
Birmingham, AL
2017 Moss Rock Festival Featured Artist
Noles-Ross_Tracie (4)

Tracie Noles-Ross’ method of making employs a range of techniques and materials to create objects that reflect her observational studies of the natural world and her place in that world.

Her images explore the precariousness of our relationship, as humans, to nature and conjure a world that feels a little like a dark fairy tale. Closely observed images of plants, animals, birds and insects, layered with personal narratives, invoke a sense of connection and responsibility to nature, placing us humans in the thickety brambles and hedges of the mysterious wild places where we don’t always feel we belong. Using found objects and materials, many from the five acres of land where she lives, she creates fantastic mixed media imagery that tells stories of mystery and reverence.

2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023