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Birmingham, AL

TandM Woodcraft (pronounced ‘tandem’) is a self-taught father-daughter partnership turning wood into attractive and useful art.  Our business was launched in 2017 after several years of practice making fine art wood pieces for family and friends. We use exotic and domestic woods and bold geometric patterns to create functional serving/cutting boards and decorative pieces in various shapes and sizes.  Our process is carefully planned and deliberate; from curating woods with distinct characteristics, to developing and executing unique patterns and designs; to applying custom finishes that bring out the beauty and luster of the wood grain.

Our primary products are cutting boards, breadboards, cheese trays, serving trays, sushi boards, charcuterie boards and decorative wood pieces. We search for unique and exotic woods, particularly pieces with unique markings and distinctive natural characteristics; such as knots, live edges, bark, weathering, spalting, burls and insect markings and incorporate these features into the design of the board.  Our designs combine different wood species for bold contrast.  We also incorporate diagonal, triangular and other geometric wood shapes into the final design to increase artistic quality and visual interest of the final product. Finally, the boards are sanded to a smooth finish and a homemade food-safe board balm, made from a mixture of mineral oil and beeswax, is applied to condition and increase the longevity of our boards.

2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023