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2D Mixed Media

Susan Shoemaker
Mixed Media
Irondale, AL
2013 Moss Rock Festival Featured Artist

Instagram: @PencilPress
Facebook: @PencilPress.2011

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Using animals as my primary focus in art can be tricky and I am always looking to find the balance between straightforward representation and having a sense of humor about myself and about my work.  My goal is that the animals are well represented, funny when intended, and always portrayed in an interesting way

Artist Susan Shoemaker is a native of Birmingham, Alabama and received her BFA from the University of Montevallo in 2000.  Her education concluded with a double concentration in Printmaking and Sculpture  (with Painting not too far behind).  However, once leaving UM, she found herself as a printmaker without a press, and returned to her first love of drawing as a way of making art.  This led to her creating a studio called, “pencilpress”.

Shoemaker works on wood panel, canvas, and paper.  Typically her artwork involves several layers of drawing which result in a very textural piece.  In addition to original work, she also offers silk-screened shirts of her designs, has reproduction prints of selected originals, and also does commissions upon request.

When asked about her work, Shoemaker says she finds inspiration from nature and tries to combine her concern for wildlife conservation with a little bit of humor.

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