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Sunie Wyatt
Morris, AL
Instagram: @Southern.String
Facebook: @SouthernString

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My name is Sunie Wyatt.  I am a self-taught string artist. I began making handmade art using nails and string in the fall of 2014.  I have a passion for making things with my hands, so string art fit right into that area of interest.  My process begins with a careful selection of wood that exhibits certain features, such as beautifully aligned grain and unique knots.  Nails are then hammered into the wood, establishing the outline of a desired image.  Once the nails are in place, string is wound between and around each nail until the image is formed.  All pieces are made by hand throughout the entire process, from cutting and staining to hammering and stringing.

Most of my pieces are custom designs; however, I do stretch my creative muscles when I am participating in a show where items will be display.  I enjoy the flexibility of being able to fulfill custom requests while also making things I have envisioned and designed myself.  My most popular works include custom wedding guest books, personalized last name signs, and a collection I created that incorporates the key icons representative of Birmingham the Magic City.  I currently have a few pieces from my Birmingham collection on display at Post Office Pies in Avondale.  I take great pride in my work and strive to only deliver works that illustrate the best quality and craftsmanship I can produce.

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