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Sundi Hawkins
Pell City, AL

Instagram: @SundiHawkinsArt
Facebook: @SunHawkArt

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Native to Pell City, AL, Sundi graduated with a B.A. from Auburn in 2002. She began working at a gallery in Homewood, then onto the Bham Museum of Art for 4 years. Work didn’t allow much painting freedom and she didn’t paint at all until several years later, becoming a stay at home mom. She took a side job painting children’s pottery with a friend. This was unfamiliar to what she had been taught in art classes, not only was the viscosity of the paint itself different, she had to teach herself to loosen up with more child-like freedom, which now greatly reflects in her artwork. She started to paint again; quit focusing on what you’re ‘supposed’ to paint, and had fun, painting with a care-free style, very loosely, using vivid colors and overly-exaggerated. Her painting style is very fast, focusing more on gesture and movement than realism. Distorting reality this way can create an emotional connection, maybe thru a childhood memory, or perhaps just a light-hearted view of a more serious subject.

Sundi paints mostly on wood, and coats each piece in epoxy resin, painting between layers of resin with high flow acrylics for added depth and color, before finishing with a final coat for a unique glass-like finish and durability.

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