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+Design | Fiber
Hoover, AL

As an intensely visual and tactile person, I find joy in the colors and textures of fiber art. My dyeing, spinning, and weaving techniques draw on my experience with watercolor painting, and a spirit of spontaneity and intuition to create both art pieces and materials for other artists to use to continue the story, collaborating in the creation of the finished piece. Especially in a world where we have seen what it’s like to feel isolated, this sense of connection and community is more important than ever.

I enjoy putting a modern spin on ancient art forms. Through the generations, fiber has been both functional and a means of self-expression. Each spinner will spin the same fiber a bit differently, and each knitter will knit with the same yarn a bit differently. These differences are the mark of human hands and are not found in commercially produced fiber goods. Passed from person to person, our fiber traditions are a reflection of who we are as human beings. My work is the same, a reflection of myself, and my connections to the people, places, and ideas around me.

2023 Festival

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