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Shelleigh Buckingham
Birmingham, AL
Instagram: @Shelleigh.Buckingham
Facebook: @Shelleigh Buckingham Ceramic Artists & Printmaker

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Shelleigh is a native of Birmingham, Alabama and has recently found ceramics as her passion after practicing optometry for 18 years. In undergraduate college, she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Printmaking with Honors, and is now returning to her original calling of making art. Her love of etchings and lithography can be seen in the rustic imprinted images on her ceramic pieces. Also, many of her pieces resemble rolled paper as well and have images and designs she has created.  The edges of most of her work are deckled, which are similar to the torn edges of paper in printmaking. Shelleigh’s art is inspired by a love of nature, simple symbols, and organic shapes. She enjoys making pieces for people to enjoy and to use that encompass both a reflection of beauty and functionality.

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