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2D Mixed Media

Scott McQueen
2D Mixed Media
Northport, AL
FB: @ScottMcQueenFolkArt

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It’s pretty cool breathing new life into old barnwood, rusty tin, car tags, barbed wire and the like! Taking rusty and weathered scrap and creating art is a lot of fun and extremely fulfilling. In fact, the whole endeavor is a simple kind of mirror reflecting my own life, shaped and formed through my faith in God. My work is always changing, in form and fashion…and, for that matter, so am I! I hope you will enjoy viewing my work as much as I enjoy the creative process! I’m now a full time Kentuck studio artist. My working studio/gallery is literally the building on which the big red dog in Northport stands.



2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023