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Sarah Hodgin
Birmingham, AL

Instagram: @SarahWinnie.Designs
Facebook: @Sarah & Winnie Designs

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At Sarah & Winnie Designs, we create unique pieces of jewelry, hand crafted one at a time. We unite natural stones and metals to design wearable art inspired by the beauty of nature.
Sarah’s love for gemstones comes from her grandfather who mined for stones in the Appalachian Mountains and tumbled them into treasures. Last year, she had the opportunity to attend a NASJ workshop lead by the renowned Blaine Lewis whose hands-on approach teaches and builds confidence in young jewelers to create beautiful pieces. She hand forms precious and base metals into various shapes and incorporates gemstones to reveal an original piece. This process varies for each design and may involve forging, hammering, setting stones, finishing etc. Through Sarah & Winnie Designs, Sarah hopes to continue the art of creating beauty from the rough.

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Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023