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Fiber | Printmaking

Sarah Conklin
Huntsville, AL
2019 Moss Rock Festival Featured Artist

Artist Statement:

“I enjoy filling my home with handmade, beautiful, quality goods made with the earth and the people that make them in mind. This quote from William Morris has a permanent spot floating about in my head— “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” It is these ideas that lead me to make the textiles I do. The inspiration for my prints come from nature and shapes I see around me. Out of respect for the earth, I use water based ink to print on small quantities of up-cycled and thrifted fabrics. Keeping in mind that I wish to live minimally, I strive to craft my textiles to last and be multipurpose. I create and send them off into the world with the hope that they add both beauty and use to someone’s every day.”

Process Statement:

“I begin the process of making my textiles with free-hand drawings inspired by river rocks, patterns in nature or books. I transfer these original drawings to small quantities of natural and up-cycled fabrics (which sometimes I hand dye) by hand printing them with water based ink at Green Pea Press. Then I take the fabric home to my studio where I cut and sew them into everyday objects that are beautiful and long lasting. All proudly designed, printed and sewn in Huntsville, AL.”


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