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Jamie Wickliffe, Sand Spirit Glass
Fairview, NC
Instagram: @SandSpiritGlass
Facebook: @SandSpiritGlass

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Flame worked glass creations using borosilicate (pyrex) glass and a torch.  Specializing in new age marbles and paperweights, sculpture and jewelry, with focus on detail and design. These blown glass creations touch on the mystery of the human perception of realty by magically creating optically defying and mesmerizing artwork.   All hand made and created in the mountains of Western North Carolina with care and love, bringing forth the qualities of this new age medium  but also tapping into the 3000 year old ancient traditions of glass blowing.
Father of four and glass artist of 16 years.  Bachelor of Science in BA from USC.   While at University of South Carolina I by chance discovered the art of blowing glass with a torch.  Generally referred to as flameworking, this particular form of melting glass is relatively new to the glass world and stems from scientific glass blowing.  Colored borosilicate glass has only been available for artists since the late 1980’s and the art of flameworking has experienced a gigantic renaissance. I feel grateful and humble to have discovered it at the ripe age of 22.  I am intrigued by the cosmic realm, the oceanic realm, as well as rocks and minerals from the earth.  I gather inspiration from these places as well as life in general, especially my four children. I hope to inspire people to remember life is precious and magical, sometimes we all should slow down and smell the glass.

2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 2-3, 2024