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Roxy Rabb, 7th Avenue Turquoise
Helena, AL

Instagram: @RoxyRabb
Facebook: @7thAveTurquoise

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As an artist, I try my hardest to stay individual. I may use the same supplies and beads as others but my work stands out as different. I strive to make art that my clients love to wear. I’m constantly on the hunt for inspiration. Yet, I think that’s how most artist spend their lives.

My aesthetic has definitely changed and evolved through the years. I’ve learned so much from fellow artists and designers. Moss Rock is my favorite show to participate in. We have amazing artists in this area that have become my friends. We always have a great time at MRF. Not only is the show wonderfully managed and organized, we have a great demographic that comes to shop.

Growing up in a family artist, you really want to find a niche. I truly believe I have found mine. Jewelry Design was always a hobby but one day it became a passion. I’ve had amazing opportunities. From having editorial pieces shipped out to NY, to being featured in all of our local magazines, Birmingham Fashion Week, as well as being worn by the current and recent Alabama State Beauty Queens. This spring I was so ecstatic to be featured in both the Birmingham Magazine Spring Fashion Issue as well as the b-metro Spring Fashion Issue. I am privileged to have been hand-picked by numerous store owners around the Southeast and Midwest to be their featured designer.



2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023