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Patricia Koski
Bessemer, AL
Instagram: @BrokenNotShattered
Facebook: @BrokenNotShattered

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I am lifelong resident of Birmingham. Several years ago the recycling industry here in Birmingham began refusing glass, and I wondered what I could do as individual to recycle – thus began my hobby of turning bottles and broken glass into beautiful art pieces. Friends and family, who also wished to continue their recycling efforts, began bringing me their unwanted glass and my hobby quickly grew into a passion from which my company Broken not Shattered was born. My work has been sold at events such as Birmingham Art Crawl, Mt. Laurel’s Holiday Market, and The Alys Stephens’ Center’s LocAl event, and is sold year round in local stores. My hope is to keep glass out of landfills by transforming it into functional glass art.

2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023