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Birmingham, AL

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In the words of Mia Badham:
The body is a vessel that contains remnants of an individual existence. The moments
that shape or scarred you leave behind evidence. Details slip away, but their impact
remains undeniable.

In my work I contemplate the markings that our lives leave behind. At first I
considered physical evidence, a wrinkle or a scar. Skin provides evidence of old
memories and forgotten pain. I think of it as a site that could be excavated to
unearth the stories beneath. Some events don’t leave a visible reminder. I give a
voice to the traces left behind by emotional trials such as a bad habit or a broken

There are some imprints that cannot be simply wiped away. I investigate the
complex layering of memory and how the different elements collage together over
time. Every new experience is tainted by what came before. A feeling can linger,
seemingly invisible, until some trigger brings it to light. I am interested in the
connections between past memories and present realities. Seemingly random
interactions can overlap and reveal something unexpected.

Mia Badham recently graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with
her Bachelor of Fine Arts and minors in Art History and Marketing. She explores a
variety of different media, but is mainly attracted to mixed media sculpting and
ceramics. Her work suggests the palimpsest of the human body; the growth and
alteration of memory over time.

Mia is employed as a studio assistant for a local ceramic artist.

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