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Marjorie Rawson
Beaufort, NC
FB: Marjorie-Rawson-Jewelry | IG: marjirawsonjewelry

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I let the bones of the earth guide me along the path that I have unearthed to create art that can be taken with a person on their journey through life. Those materials are stones and metals that the earth provides. In keeping with the unique quality of the earth, every piece is one of a kind. My second body of work: I explore, harvest and salvage vintage cars in search of and in remembrance of the glory days of road trips and adventure, family drive-in nights and freedom only the open road could deliver. The colorful steel carriages that took us there are resting on hillsides all around us. I rescue the steel in its fun- filled original paint palettes and now weathered patinas to then construct a new wearable journey that you can carry forward into its next adventure. I use cold construction techniques combined with fine and sterling silver to create a modern joyful aesthetic that is ready to hit the road!

2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 2-3, 2024