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Lydia Randolph
Mentone, AL

Instagram: @LydiaRandolph

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For me, authenticity is more valuable than sophistication.  I study Cezanne, Lautrec, Gauguin, and, the ultimate purest, van Gogh.  These guys were brave, raw, and, in their time, not horribly successful.  I look to them as I wander the woods delighting in the twists of the sticks, the rhythm in the leaves, and a random fork blackened by time lying on a rock by the river.  I am struck by a strange ideology about beauty and truth, and I am spellbound by the compulsion to communicate an interpretation of these things. I have an insatiable need to point out these things in my art and to quietly scream to the world, “Look at this wonder!  Look at this miracle!”  I paint, I wander, and I come home and paint some more.


I am Lydia Randolph of Mentone, Alabama, I live in the mountains with my dog “little mike” and I convey my strange ideologies through fluid acrylic and oil paints and watercolor. My dog however doesn’t paint.

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Moss Rock Festival

November 2-3, 2024