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Lori Parker
Huntsville, AL
IG @lori_a_parker | FB @beaksandbuds


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There is natural beauty all around us to enjoy; one has only to stop, watch, and listen. I find beauty in nature, as in the flight of a bird or the natural serenity of an opened flower. This, combined with my love of photography, inspires me to preserve the beauty of a single, transient wink of time, for all time. Using a camera allows me to capture and preserve three-thousandths of a second in the life of a hummingbird, or the beauty of a rain drop on the edge of an intricate petal. Once the shutter closes, that time has already passed. The subjects move on and that single moment never returns. The captured image of that moment is all that remains.

It is my hope that people will find as much enjoyment in viewing my “moments” as I have in watching the originals unfold.


2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023