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Birmingham, AL

I have been told that my jewelry is organized chaos. I like to take pattern and color and mesh them together into a cohesive piece. Perhaps this is a reflection of some of my inner beliefs. I feel that life is not perfect, and it is not symmetrical nor is it orderly. Life does not make sense, but is can still be very beautiful and quite interesting. Sometimes things that are not supposed to work, do. Hopefully, you can see and appreciate these reflections in my jewelry.

Leah Dodd is a graphic designer by day and likes to tinker with art in her spare time. Her artistic focus at the present time is handmade jewelry of various materials. Leah likes to work with silver wire, yet also experiment with resin and different papers. Leah has shown her work in numerous shows including the Moss Rock Festival, the Blue Light Special Show and “Handmade”. She has been selling her work at the Pepper Place market for the past two seasons (and before that sold inside the Red Cat Coffeehouse) Leah received a BFA in Visual Art from Auburn University in 1991.

2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 2-3, 2024