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Kimberly Paige
Birmingham, AL
2020 Moss Magic Featured Artist
IG: KPaige_Art


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Covered in plants, my in-home studio mirrors my grounded, creative energy and allows the authenticity of my life to reflect in my work. As a result, my paintings have evolved into intricate worlds filled with bold and earthy colors contained inside leaves that layer on top of each other. This layering creates a sense of space in which viewers can lose themselves, momentarily forgetting their anxieties and filling them up with the joyful ease that permeates my own life.

Each painting starts with a walk around my home. I take note of colors that catch my eye, like the rusty orange-red of a terracotta pot or the lush warm green of the surrounding forest right after it rains. The variety of variegations that seem painted onto a leaf inspire me to create something similarly intriguing on paper. I admire the curves of a swooping bird of paradise leaf and the morning stretch of a palm frond. Mother Nature’s elegant design inspires me to create a world as joyous and delicate as hers.

After filling my well of inspiration, I spend hours sketching the best of my leafy muses and creating my own patterns of layered botanical forms. At my desk, I abandon Mother Nature’s lead as I dip my brush into vibrant and rich colors. Using watercolor techniques such as granulation, wet-in-wet, wet-on-dry, splattering, and dry-brushing, I try to create visual textures that are dreamy and delicate. I design variegation patterns of my own by painting thin, organic lines within these colorful leaves. To finish off my whimsical worlds, I add details in the background like splatters of paint or some far-away trees and mountains. The result is a celebration of the world that surrounds me.


Kimberly received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Studio Art and Psychology from The University of Virginia in 2015. Her work has been featured in Birmingham Magazine (2018) and Luxe Daily (2019). In 2019, she was selected to exhibit at Anne Irwin Fine Art’s Emerging Artist Show.

She won second place in watercolor at Coconut Grove Arts Festival (2020) and a merit award at Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival (2019).

Kimberly’s work is currently represented by The Peanut Gallerie in Dothan, Alabama.


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