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Birmingham, AL


In the words of Katie Holifield:

Through my artwork I strive to bring a new take on an old tradition.  Though string art was immensely popular in the 70’s, I hope that my originality gives my viewers and buyers a new take on art.  I love that I can use everyday supplies in order to create my pieces.  I also love that I can allow people to bring their hobbies, ideas and thoughts to me and trust me to create a piece that they can always treasure.  All I need is some wood, nails, thread and a whole lot of love!

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Katie Holifield is a local artist who uses wood, nails and crochet thread to create works of art.  She first began her artistic journey in 2014 in hopes that she could decorate her new apartment on a strict budget.  Starting with an outline of her home state she immediately fell in love with the beauty of string art.  When she isn’t working on her string art, Katie works at Children’s of Alabama as an office assistant and her photography business Katie Holifield Photography.  Her and her husband, Daniel, live in Homewood with their 2 dogs, Charlie and Georgia.


2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023