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Katie Adams
Hoover, AL
IG: @3gingersart | FB: @3GingersArt

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To take a subject and paint it straight and accurately is a skill.  To take a subject and creatively abstract it is art.  It allows the viewer to look at a subject in a new way.  That is what Katie hopes to accomplish in her work.  Perhaps the piece could benefit from a slash or a smear.  Or a circle.   All of these elements add visual interest and motion to a subject.  The key is to add these elements without overwhelming the subject.

Katie also paints pure abstracts.  The goal is to ultimately complement the figurative.  She works in both oil and acrylic.

Katie grew up in Birmingham, AL.  She graduated from Auburn University in Finance.  After much soul searching, she realized that she needed to pursue a more creative path.  She has painted professionally for over 11 years.  She lives in Birmingham with her husband, two sons, and a bird dog named Stella.

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