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Bear Creek, AL

I’ve loved photography for as long as I can remember and have always been an artist of sorts. I tried my hand at many ways of the creative mind, but always seemed to be not quite good enough for my own standard because I have bipolar disorder and have severe A.D.D. and that makes things interesting to say the least. But despite all odds I’ve over come to start to prosper. I have now been in two Contemporary art magazines got accepted into the New York Art Expo, but for financial reasons I wasn’t able to attend. I am registered with Strathmore Worldwide Who’s Who of photographers and have had numerous offers To attend exhibitions and receive awards but again financial circumstances have held me back. I am the real starving artist in every aspect. But I’m the happiest I’ve ever been In my life. As a photographer I believe I can face All my fears and pursue my dream of being an Artist/Photographer that is known worldwide.

2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 2-3, 2024