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Newton, AL

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Holland Road Furniture was born from a belief that nothing in nature should be wasted, and it has grown to prove that cast aside objects are not only salvageable—they are beautiful.

Eight years ago, Josh Maddox decided he wanted to build a log home on his family’s farm.  Instead of ordering one, he traveled to Montana where he learned from masters how to fell, scribe and seamlessly join ancient trees.  When he returned home, Josh was inspired by the majesty of towering Southern pines and moved by the idea of harvesting a home from the land where he grew up. With meticulous care, Josh began the process of selecting and preparing trees that would one day shelter him.

As with all truly great ventures, there were casualties along the way.  Whether it be through accidents that resulted in losing parts of a tree or the nature and practicality of log-home building—a pile of discarded wood began to accumulate.  Even though it is nature’s way, Josh  hated the idea of leaving large sections of old-growth trees to rot.  He began to dream of purpose being given to their unique shapes—of “transforming them into a piece of art that allows them to live on.”

He began with a simple coffee table, but once he had experienced the process of sculpting a purpose out of a seemingly lost piece of wood, once he had witnessed the joy it gave to the owners to daily use a “once-living piece of art,” he did not want to stop.

As requests for more furniture continued to come, Josh made a decision that Holland Road Furniture would not fell trees for the express purpose of creating live-edge pieces.  Instead, he would continue to collect trees—or parts of them—that either fell or had to be cut for other reasons. After the decision was made, and as synchronicity would have it, Holland Road Furniture was approached by Joey Farmer, the owner of Ole South Tree Service.  He works at felling massive trees that have become a danger to the homes they shadow and he needed a place to dump these trees and expressed an interest in them being delivered and used by Holland Road Furniture to build live edge furniture. This transaction fostered a great friendship and has propelled Holland Road Furniture forward by providing it with the local wood necessary to continue building.

Josh recently partnered with his father Jay Maddox, and together they now lead a team that works to expose the subtleties hidden within the trees he so values.  Josh feels that the clients who receive his furniture and art “experience the weight of years and memories born deep within the many rings and grains.”

“We simply give people the ability to experience these memories in the quiet safe corners  of their homes.”

2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023