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Rickie Higgins | Booth 407
Decatur, AL
IG: @Higginsart_ | FB: HigginsArt

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Bio:Rickie Higgins was born in Tennessee in 1969 but has spent most of his years in Decatur, Alabama. Rickie is primarily an oil painter but also various other paints and materials to create 2d mixed media pieces. Rickie completed a BFA in visual communication from Auburn University in 1991. He also holds an education degree from Athens State and a Master’s degree from UAB. Rickie is represented in galleries in Decatur and Huntsville Alabama. He creates in his home studio in Decatur, Alabama where he lives with his wife Rebekah and three sons: Chris, Bailey, and Sam.

Statement: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” Genesis 1:1 Creativity begins. Our creator’s artistry is displayed all around. I use my God-given ability to paint while traveling this journey. I create, contribute, connect. I am thankful for the opportunity to compose visually and honored to be given an audience with which to share it. My paintings convey emotions and experiences. Whether an abstract face hiding a sentiment, a chair with stories to tell, or a landscape taking me back to Tuscany, my paintings speak life. The process of applying paint, watching images grow from seed to full compositions, draws me to my craft. I paint with energetic strokes in various mediums and surfaces. Whether it is oil paint pulled across a canvas, thin lines cut into tar paper mounted to wood, or acrylic applied directly on wood, the paint moves fluidly, freely creating something from nothing.


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