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Tuscaloosa, AL


In the words of Heather Hepp:

I work in glass because molten glass is wonderful. The thought a vessel, made of liquid, engages my imagination. The demanding nature of the physical work, I find challenging and deeply rewarding.

Currently, my work strives to develop a craftsmanship and simple aesthetic. I often use transparent, jewel or muted, neutral tones with a variety of patterns.

I’m also beginning to use cane-work or latticino which will be very different – boldly patterned work. I’m looking forward to incorporating this ancient technique and seeing how it influences my work.


Little Sandy Glass is a new glass studio I own and operate just south of Tuscaloosa. I have a furnace in which I melt glass, gather it onto a blowpipe, and work it in traditional glassblowing methods. I learned to blow glass in Idaho where I worked in a couple glass shops – most recently Boise Art Glass, teaching “make your own” classes.

Now that I have my own shop, I focus on making my own glassware. Currently, I’m making a variety of useful and decorative items for the home and garden. The list of items is expanding and so are the colors and coloring techniques, as I’m really just getting this shop started. I’m very excited about my handmade products so far. I am also pleased to be able to offer very reasonable prices for my hand-crafted wares because my operating costs are extremely low and I work alone. Working solo is very challenging and equally rewarding.



2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023