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+Design | Fiber | Photography
Birmingham, AL

I love photography and used to paint, sew, make earrings, write poetry, strum a guitar, and even act but I’ve spent the most time using a camera and I can’t seem to leave it alone. I make all sorts of southern images, mostly of where I live my life on a daily basis and wherever I travel. I document things that go on in Birmingham and the nature that’s found in the city and its surroundings. Love of photography has also led to a love of printing without having to have darkroom equipment by using cyanotype chemicals. I print old negatives given me by friends and new negatives made from my photographic images and lately, print leaves onto old and newer cotton linens and clothing.

I graduated from the Alabama School of Fine Arts and made art independently at the University of Montevallo while majoring in International/Intercultural Studies. I taught art and photography for 3 years at Banks Academy and have been in a number of art exhibits over the years including a pop-up show at Slow Exposures 2021 in Zebulon, GA.

2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023