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2D Mixed Media

Deirdre Lewis Mason
2D Mixed Media
Birmingham, AL
FB: DeirdreLewisArt

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Deirdre Lewis (Mason) is a self-taught artist, whose whimsical creations are inspired by the quirkiness of animals and humans alike, including her husband, Creighton and four children, Logan, Story, Wyn and Elin. In addition to animals and people, Deirdre seeks to include images of angels and words of encouragement in her pieces, in hopes of honoring all of the survivors and angels among us. Birmingham is certainly blessed with both.

Deirdre has been represented by the Blue Phrog Gallery in Montevallo, The Mermaid Factory in Norfolk, Virginia, Alabama Goods in Homewood, AL and is currently showing at Lucy’s Coffee & Tea and Naked Art Gallery in Birmingham, AL.

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