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2D Mixed Media

2D Mixed Media
Birmingham, AL


In the words of Dariana Dervis
: both a noun and a verb.

I am like the crow – always collecting shiny treasures fallen from the pockets of a world passing by. With boxes and drawers of these jewels at my fingertips, I sit quietly at my old roll top desk assembling reflections of my life, my emotions, and my truth.

Each scrap of paper, every fragile insect wing and every borrowed beauty is artfully and thoughtfully paired with something else– neighbors in a community, stitches of a tapestry. Evidence that we, too, are sometimes quietly lost until nestled within our assembled and interwoven lives.

Each collage is a journal entry recording my personal path and hopefully becomes a mirror to the soul of each receptive eye that finds it.

As a native of North Alabama, I have been creating as long as I can remember. Earning a BFA from the University of Montevallo, I pursued a graphic design career and kept a personal collage journal in a small wirebound sketchbook. As the collages evolved, I began using a sewing machine to “draw” on these mixed media creations often incorporating insect wings, dried flowers and leaves. Deeply inspired by nature, these works reflect my life, my emotion and my truth. Exhibitions include an installation at Bart’s ArtVenture at the Birmingham Museum of Art as well as numerous gallery and juried art shows.


2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 2-3, 2024