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Danielle Stephenson
Warrior, AL
FB: Familiar Grace Design Studio IG: @familiar_grace

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I have always loved to create. As a little girl I always felt the need to make the things I wanted to own. From jewelry I saw at the store, to a painting I saw on TV. I would gather whatever materials I could find (or convince my Mom to purchase for me) and concoct my version of what inspired me. Of course the end result would never look exactly like the original, or the way I envisioned it in my head. I would always change a color here or a shape there, adjusting to the medium and my own strengths and limitations. Today my artistic process is still very instinctual. Inspired by the materials I find and the experiences I have; I strive to make pieces that are memorable, versatile, and comfortable. I love the juxtaposition of hard and soft that metal clay provides. The clay is shaped wet, sanded and carved when dry, and then kiln-fired into metal. Once fired it can be hammered, oxidized, or combined with stones to create wearable pieces of art. I received a BA from the University of Alabama for painting in 2006; I began creating jewelry from metal clay in 2013. All pieces are made from silver, copper, white copper, or bronze.

2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 2-3, 2024