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Calera, Al

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In the words of Cortney Perrine:
Painting for me is an expression of gratitude. I love to step outside and feel humbled by  the beauty of our world. A childlike sense of wonder is something I strive to stay true to. Anytime I approach a blank canvas I begin with this sponateous energy. This is why I like to use bold color and work fast. I do not want to over think or analyze. I want to let the paint work through me and observe the process. I feel that this process keeps the artwork honest.

Cortney Perrine grew up in central Alabama and from an early age was captivated by the rolling hills and pine forests. Her first love as a child was coloring books and she would proudly proclaim that one day, she would be an artist. Over time this love of color and making marks began to take shape. She was homeschooled and so found the time to nuture her love of nature and art. She studied the works of the Impressionists, and decorated her bedroom with posters of Van Gogh and Monet masterpieces. Notebooks of charcoal drawings and pastels were the only mediums available to her. It wasnt until years later that she began to paint, and from there she was hooked. With oil paint, she finally had access to recreate the vibrant colors she saw in the woods around her.

Being a mostly self taught artist allowed her to develop her own style. Cortney uses bold color and lines to create abstractions of landscapes. SHe strives to capture the energy of nature in her work.

Cortney lives in Calera Alabama with her husband, two cats, and their dog. Together they are avid travelers. Constantly searching for fresh ideas and new scenery. She works in Hoover AL as a massage therapist.

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