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Christoffer Frank
Leeds, AL
IG: ChristofferFrankArt | FB: christofferfrankart

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River Crossing” and “Singing Stones” are my two most recent series of paintings submitted here for your consideration. Rendered in watercolor and oils they highlight my fascination with contrasts, natural textures and light and darkness. They reflect my deep seated need to control the medium juxtaposed against my desire to allow each piece of art to develop organically in the light of my inabilities; a dichotomy that holds true in almost every area of my life as well. “Singing Stones” is a reference sacred text. Both the text and these beautiful paintings of ordinary rocks and stones remind me that the echoes of the divine are all around me.I can hear them only if I am willing to listen. “River Crossing” is inspired by an unlikely encounter with my higher power while on a motorcycle trip through the deep south. The series speaks to the mortality of the human condition. It was first realized as a poem and later as these iconic southern images of cotton. Pale ghosts amble silently in the cool night air. Amidst the endless glowing rows, cotton still clings to the stalk. The fat moon struggles to climb over the horizon. Into its passing light I ride hard for the river… and home.

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