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Hoover, AL



Beachum Woodworks is small garage shop located in Bluff Park Alabama comprised of just two people –Chris and Cain Anne Beachum. It all started in 2014 when Cain Anne noticed how handy Chris was around their new home and requested that he build a large dining room table. She forgot, however, that Chris could not simply complete a project; he must master the entire subject. After 11 months of extensive reading, meeting with other woodworkers, researching local sawmills and acquiring tools, Chris built a beautiful walnut and alder table and Cain Ann got a lot more than the week long Pinterest project she first envisioned.

Soon after, Chris began building cutting boards, coffee tables, desks, grill tables, bar carts and other various household items for friends and family while posting his progress on Instagram. Before they knew it, they had their own logo on a branding iron. As Beachum Woodworks grew in popularity and work orders, Cain Anne learned the ropes and started working in the shop too. While not their day jobs, most of Chris and Cain Anne’s free time is spend in the shop. These days they wouldn’t have it any other way. Working together continuously challenges and inspires them to create products that help accomplish what the dining room table once did for them: Turn their House into a Home

2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 2-3, 2024