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2D Mixed Media

Brian Bohanan | Booth 422
2D Mixed Media
Birmingham, AL
FB: Bohanan Folk Art

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Never attending a formal art school, I call myself a life taught artist. The basis of my art is true to my life’s journey, influences and lessons. My experiences spark the creativity in my work. My art is who I am. Called by a passion to constantly create, my goal is to speak through my works. I feel art is a window into the soul and allows you to show a little bit of yourself with each piece.
Driven by the reverence of Nature and Spiritual teachings given to me by my Mother as a child, my art consists of a great deal of these themes. From childhood I have been drawn to painting and building collages. Nature is a constant in my body of work. The Tree of Life is a cornerstone of my paintings and a subject I feel very close to. I have a wide range of painting techniques from the conventional oil on canvas, acrylic on board, to the more unorthodox method of mixed media collage using found objects. Reusing materials in many ways complements my style of art whether it’s through a handmade frame or using repurposed materials as the canvas. You can find tin, tiles, wood and metals dispersed in the making of many artworks with my name on them. I am a resident of Shelby County Alabama with my wife Meghan and three children Turner, Clay, and Lanie……as well as a smorgasbord of critters. I hope my work inspires and speaks to you!

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