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Bobby ‘Bear’ Jones
Birmingha, AL

Facebook: @WoodWorx Inc

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Lying in a hammock on a rainy afternoon over a decade ago, a chainsaw and cedar log caught Bear’s eye.  With nothing better to do, Bear decided to play.  The result was Bear’s first chainsaw sculpture . . . an eagle was born that day.

For many years chainsaw carving was just a hobby, a way to relax and enjoy pure freedom of expression.  Bear used his new found talent and passion to reveal creatures trapped in fallen trees from all over central Alabama.  Most of these creations were donated to raise money for numerous charities or given as gifts to friends and family.

After a 12 year sabbatical, Bear returned to school in 2011 where he earned Valedictorian honors at the completion of his Associates Degree in Drafting and Design in 2013 as well as a Bachelors Degree in Project Management Administration in 2015.  In spite of the success in furthering his education, Bear still found fulfillment and happiness in chainsaw carving.

Today, although sculpture is still his first love, creating one of a kind furniture is Bear’s passion.  He doesn’t use many of the traditional furniture-making tools and machinery, using the chainsaw to reveal nature’s artistic beauty hidden within salvaged trees.

With the help of longtime friend, Peyton Lee, Bear and his team personally salvage and collect all of the trees used for the unique and one of a kind creations available at Wood Worx, Inc.

“Much of my work is experimental.” Bear explains.  “I enjoy the adventure of finding these fallen gems and allowing them to speak to me.  Most of my creations are already within the logs.  I merely use the chainsaw to set them free.”

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