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Birmingham, AL
(205) 390-2000


Biscuit Leather Co. Flat as a Flitter


In the words of Becky Stayner, Founder, Biscuit Leather
It started with a bag I spied hanging on a bannister in a friend’s house. The tote was a rich, coppery brown with a simple stitch. Seven years old, beautiful and soft, a bucket bag. I never liked handbags, finding the designs too complicated. This bag was different: simple, strong and classy. The Katherine Hepburn of bags. I bartered with the bag’s creator, trading photography for leather lessons. I love working with my hands, but the rise of digital photography has reduced hands-on opportunities and created a hole in my life. Crafting leather filled that hole. My senses are engaged from the feel and smell of leather, to the hand tools and burning a brand. I’m building something useful and beautiful from scratch. With no fashion or design experience, designs come from my life, the nature around me and a desire to make strong, beautiful, timeless bags. Biscuit Leather Company is my business and we make fine leather goods by hand. Soft and buttery like a fresh, hot biscuit.

2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023