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Becky Bolton
Calera, Al

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Becky’s wheel-thrown, clay artworks are graceful forms with artistic surface considerations—most involving utility into art. Her glaze applications are unique to the clay works. A tripled coated glaze gives a rich visual effect: cobalt blue color, patterned with crystalline bursts and textures derived from the interaction of several glaze components, including rutile and gerstley borate. Becky has developed several surface design approaches including her paper-relief and porcelain slip design technique—these design surfaces can be very geometrical or loosely ornate, with either white or black slip applications. Another approach is a method of porcelain slip decoration by simply drawing into it free hand with a pencil to create her ever-popular “swimming fish” motif. Sculptural applications are also incorporated in her folded clay “corsage” pieces, “Clayfolk” character jars and porcelain figure sculptures.

2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023