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Hendersonville, NC

“I believe ancient, indigenous and futuristic archetypes exist within all of us; morsels from past lives, love and new experiences, waiting to be unearthed and explored. I hope that upon viewing my work, the viewer experiences a moment of child-like awe, an arousal, and a reminder that the universe cradles endless layers of magic and mystery waiting to be revealed. I want to bring alive tribal dances, occult secrets, talking animals, sexual flowers, primitive love, plant medicine, eternal playfulness, and a unique, tiny porthole into the boundlessness of beauty, creation and imagination.

My work is all about color, vibrancy, energy, and most of all, growth. Art as a tool for spiritual and emotional growth is what keeps it a part of an infallible string tying us forever together. I believe in this process, I am uncovering a visual aesthetic to express an indescribable, intuitive, emotional world and share it.

Energy is my muse and art is my ceremony. My paintings and sculpture are crafted from hand-cut wood and intricately painted with bright, vibrant acrylics. Through these works, I strive to create a tangible form that serves as a shrine, homage, and humble tribute to the beauty of life and the magnificent intricacies of our Universe. Each piece providing segue to an emotional experience, and becoming a totem in the process of weaving together a language for our collective spiritual consciousness.”

-Ashley Spero

2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 2-3, 2024