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Hoover, AL

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In the words of Anthony Tavis:
I am a self taught artist who is trying to elevate the spirit of the human habitat through my art. In a world where the historical and mythical is being replaced by the technological and economical, I feel it is my job to remind people of importance of enchantment and keep legends alive. I make paintings and create assemblages out of discarded items, salvaged wood, cabinet doors and whatever else I can find. Amongst my creations, you will find angels and demons, creatures from the bayou, visitors from outer space, ancient ancestors and legends that never die. My work is influenced by Delta Blues, Non-Western Art, Mexican Folk Art, New Orleans Jazz, vintage signage and ancient civilizations. I love making art, attending art shows, and having the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people along the way.

Anthony Tavis is a Folk Artist who works out of his garage studio in Hoover, Alabama.  Anthony paints on discarded materials such as cabinet doors and wood, and makes assemblages out of found objects. His process involves selecting subjects that lift his own spirit and creating work that will lift the spirit of the people who see his art while adding a little soul to the space in which it hangs.  The unique creations that Anthony produces are iconic and vibrant treasures that possess a personality of their own.  Anthony loves making and selling his art and particularly enjoys the people he meets and the places he travels along the way.


2023 Festival

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Moss Rock Festival

November 2-3, 2024