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Alice Hawks
Atlanta, GA

Instagram: @AHimaginesLLC
Facebook: @AHimaginesLLC

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Arching Sunrise

I am an observer in life. The wonders of nature are fascinating to me; the canvas of colors as the sun rises or sets, the wind gently swaying the limbs of the tree creating a shadow dance, the movement of flowers, insects, birds and landscapes, and the stature of clouds. I enjoy “seeing” and taking the time to capture through photography what I find interesting and beautiful in the world that surrounds us, from grand landscapes to minute details.

Alice Hawks is a native of Southwestern Michigan, but has lived from east coast to west coast during her twenty plus years in Corporate America.  After years of restlessness in her soul, she left corporate life and moved overseas to find a different life path.
In what she calls her “second chapter”, her focus has been on photography and she particularly enjoys landscape and wildlife photography. Her photographs have been included in several exhibitions from Michigan to Georgia: ArtPrize – an international art competition, WOMEN-An Exhibit, Southeastern Horticultural Society Photography Show, Images of Nature Exhibit, Images of Inman Charity Photography Show, Big Canoe Photography Exhibition, Annual Decatur Digital Photography Meetup Exhibition, and first place winner, 2013 Decatur Cemetery Photo Contest.Ms. Hawks is the author of the book “Slow Death by Corporate Life: A Journey to Breaking Free” ( and currently resides in the Atlanta, GA area.


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Moss Rock Festival

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