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Image courtesy of Jerry Siegel

It is our distinct pleasure to announce that Birmingham’s Jane Marshall has been selected as the Featured Artist of the 17th annual Moss Rock Festival (MRF) exploring Art + Design, Nature, Smart Living and more November 5-6, 2022 at the Hoover Met Complex in Hoover, Alabama.

Jane may work in several art mediums ranging from painting to printmaking to ceramics, but her subject matter is always firmly grounded in nature and wildlife, often touching on their symbiotic and fragile relationship with humans. The visual tapestries and storylines that she observes daily in the natural environment around her provides Jane many inspirational seeds for her art practice, perspective, and hopes for the future of our diverse planet. Her ceramic sculpture of a grizzly bear brandishing in its mouth the rewards of salmon fishing (on right) touches on topics of survival, sustenance, and the circle of life while her woodcut painting of porcupines in an eerie yet beautiful, moonlit landscape captures the changing seasons and the awesomeness and richness of the vistas of the natural world. No matter what piece she’s creating, her vision is always rooted in nature with a loving affinity for animals.

Jane Marshall’s selection as MRF’s Featured Artist in 2022 certainly reinforces the Festival’s reverence of and connection to nature, which has been a core mission and inspirational theme at MRF since the fall festival’s launch in 2006, shaping many facets and features that visitors have come to enjoy over the past 16 years. One of the most impactful ways patrons have interfaced with this central thread woven throughout MRF’s footprint is through the artist’s lens. It is always an honor to showcase those uniquely creative perspectives to our art supporting and collecting audience. And Jane’s work is no exception. We look forward to her art being another visual catalyst for the appreciation and enjoyment of nature at MRF, plus seeing how it contributes to ongoing conversations around nature’s awesomeness, beauty, benefits, and role in our lives.

Be sure to check back in with us next week. We’ll be unveiling Jane Marshall’s featured work of art that was selected for this year’s marketing campaign as well as the 2022 poster design.

Moss Rock Festival

November 2-3, 2024