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Moss Rock Festival is grateful for the 14 great years it has called The Preserve neighborhood its home. Unfortunately, in 2020, COVID-19 necessitated that we relocate to the Hoover Metropolitan Complex to facilitate the festival’s safety protocols and public health challenges that year. We were charmed by what a huge success it was at the MET, our former park and ride point for MRF, and how well received it was by patrons and artists alike as we embraced uncertain times.

While making plans this summer to be back at The Preserve, we learned that the neighborhood association and management had decided to end their relationship with Moss Rock Festival as the event’s venue and sponsor. As surprised and sad as we were to learn about this development, we were equally buoyed by the strong and continuing support of the City of Hoover. So for our  SWEET 16th YEAR, we look forward to returning to the Hoover Metropolitan Complex to continue  MRF’s features with partners focused on Nature, Smart Living, Art + Design. We will miss being at The Preserve moving forward, but truly and wholeheartedly appreciate their longtime support and friendship as our venue host.

With high anticipation, we look forward to sharing some special moments and lots of great experiences with all of our wonderful patrons November 6-7, as we celebrate Moss Rock Festival’s Sweet 16th year at the Hoover MET with 2021’s expanded layout design and programming plans, plus other special amenities like free on site parking and art valet services. Hope to see you there!

Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023