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Art+Design are central elements to Moss Rock Festival’s identity. Those festival themes not only play an important role in our programming, but we also strive for them to come together harmoniously on the Festival Poster and marketing campaign. At 2020’s MOSS MAGIC, a fall fusion festival showcasing Moss Rock Festival with special guest Magic City Art Connection (November 7-8 at The Preserve), we are especially loving how these two driving forces have come together seamlessly under the design eye of Scott Miller of Miller Communications, Inc.

With so much talent out there, choosing a featured artist and work of art for the festival poster can be challenging, but it’s always exciting. Birmingham’s Kimberly Paige has been selected as the 2020 MOSS MAGIC Featured Artist. Did you catch our recent¬†blog post¬†announcing her?

Kimberly had many beautiful and worthy watercolors to choose among for the poster, but we landed on “A New Day”. The serendipitous title is especially fitting during this hybrid festival year. Plus, we loved the piece’s graphic, bold use of color with nods to spring and fall in its combinations of cooler and warmer hues. You probably have some of these beauties in your own home or work space. Or at least you should.

Without further ado…



Moss Rock Festival

November 2-3, 2024