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Announcing the Featured Artist is one of the special treats we look forward to each year at Moss Rock Festival. And it has double the enjoyment as we approach 2020’s fall fusion of Moss Rock Festival (MRF) with special guest Magic City Art Connection (MCAC) happening November 7-8 at The Preserve in Hoover. If you haven’t heard it already, we’re calling this collaborative year MOSS MAGIC, which will exhibit MCAC artists alongside MRF artists and makers at the eco-creative festival.

On the poster, we wanted this collaboration of both festival brands to shine through in the art. The featured work needed to be grounded in nature yet have a contemporary feel. There are so many great artists worthy of a spotlight, but one was bubbling to the top in our search for an art image to represent this synergistic year.

It is our pleasure to announce Birmingham’s Kimberly Paige has been selected as the Featured Artist of the 2020 MOSS MAGIC. “Covered in plants, Paige’s in-home studio mirrors her grounded, creative energy and allows the authenticity of her life to reflect in her work.” Many of these works that spring to life from her “southern jungle” immerse the viewer within a verdant and layered world of bold and earthy color on canvas, creating a sense of space where you can lose yourself. Others pieces step back and showcase a more minimal and singular perspective and plant focus. All of Kimberly’s watercolors highlight and honor the simple, graphic, and elegant natural forms that inspire her.

Plants certainly breathe life, energy, and design into any environment or space. They keep us connected to nature. No wonder they are the muse of Kimberly’s beautiful watercolors. If you’re not great at caring for plants in your home, one of Kimberly’s paintings would be a gorgeous, bold, and artful substitute for bringing in the outdoors.

We look forward to sharing Kimberly’s art with you this Fall. In the meantime, please visit Kimberly’s MOSS MAGIC Featured Artist artist page to get a peek at more of her work, plus insights into her inspiration and process.

And be sure to check back in with our blog tomorrow (Friday, Sept 3) as we unveil the Poster design and featured artwork by Kimberly.

Moss Rock Festival

November 2-3, 2024