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Unveiling Moss Rock Festival’s featured art and poster design is always a momentous occasion. And it’s that time of year!

But first a little history. If you’ve been a fan of the eco-creative festival since it kicked off in 2006, you’ve seen the poster design evolve. The first few incarnations featured MRF’s inaugural logo with its top heavy tree and nestled birds, designed by former Birmingham natives and creative collaborators, Breane & John Trest.

Then, in 2010, the logo was rebranded thanks to Kelly Housholder of From Scratch Design. With her guidance, the design campaign took a photography approach showcasing creative sets and storylines brought to life with young models imagining play, eco-friendly and repurposed props, and illustrated design embellishments.

Over the last 6 years, the focus shifted to showing off wonderful interpretations of wildlife by talented exhibiting artists like Susan ShoemakerDarrell EzekielChiharu RoachPaul Cordes WilmTracie Noles-Ross, and Deborah Davis.

As we enter MRF’s 14th year, the poster imagery is changing a bit once more from its most recent animal muses, but it’s still firmly footed in nature and sustainability themes as interpreted through the lens of a talented visual artist like Hunstville’s Sarah Conklin.

As MRF’s 2019 Featured Artist, Sarah’s work fits seamlessly into the festival’s eco-creative mission. It is nature-inspired, wild at heart, and eco-friendly in process. Her feather pieces, in particular, grabbed our attention for their visual connection to nature. Not only is the feather motif highlighted through and indicative of Sarah’s work, it is even part of her Instagram name, “@FeatherwildSarah”. But it’s not only her use of such iconic nature imagery that is evocative of Moss Rock Festival. It’s also the thoughtful and sustainable artistic process she institutes which sources recycled fabrics, then re-envisions them into unique, enduring creations utilizing drawing, printmaking, dyeing, sewing, and more. There is a little Nature, Smart Living, Art + Design in each piece.

Each Sarah Conklin feather is individually beautiful. So, of course we couldn’t spotlight just one on the poster. Instead, we went wild! So, who is ready for the big reveal?!



Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023